6 Incurable Diseases in the Bible

Diseases are health abnormalities that inflict pain and suffering on individual health, which causes discomfort and sometimes could lead to death.

According to Biblical records of events, in several instances, people in the Bible have suffered from various incurable diseases.

Incurable Diseases in the Bible

Incurable diseases in the Bible are health conditions that led to the end of life of the victims or probably lasted till the end of their lives.

Some incurable diseases in the Bible are the cases of God’s curse placed upon the children of Israel, the death of the Son of David borne to him by Bathsheba, Gehazi’s Incurable Disease, the incurable sores and boils on the feet and hands of King Jehoram incurable disease and lots more.

In this article, we will look at some cases of incurable diseases in the Bible.

1. Incurable Disease of Gehazi, the Servant of Elisha

Naaman was suffering from a skin disease called leprosy. He got information from one of his servants that a man in Israel, a Prophet of God, could heal him.

He had gathered his men, horses, and gift items ranging from pieces of slivers to gold and clothes.

After hearing the news of Naaman being in Israel and seeking to be healed of his skin disease, Prophet Elisha sent for him. The scripture narrates that on getting to the Prophet’s house, he was ordered to go and wash seven (7) times at the River Jordan.

Initially, he resisted, but after liaising with his servant, he obeyed the instructions of the Prophet and was healed.

After receiving his healing from the great Prophet Elisha, Naaman presented these gifts, and Prophet Elisha rejected them.

After Naaman had gone, Gehazi, the servant of Prophet Elisha, ran after him and collected the gift items by lying that his master had changed his mind about retrieving the gift items.

2 Kings 5:25-27 (GNS)

He went back into the house, and Elisha asked him,” Where have you been? “Oh, nowhere, sir,” he answered.

But Elisha said, “Wasn’t I there in spirit when the man got out of his chariot to meet you? This is no time to accept money and clothes, olive groves and vineyards, sheep and cattle, or servants

And now Naaman’s disease will come upon you, and you and your descendants will have it forever “When Gehazi left, he had the disease his skin was as white as snow.

When his master reprimanded him over his evil act, he acted ignorant about his master’s allegations. In anger, prophet Elisha cursed him. This curse resulted in the same transfer of disease suffered by Naaman to Gehazi.

Bible records have not stated that Gehazi had a cure; hence it is determined as one of the incurable diseases in Bible history.

2. Incurable Disease of the Son Borne to David by Bathsheba

According to the Biblical account of 2nd Samuel 12:15 -29, King David sinned against God when he took in the wife of his solider Uriah and went into bed with her.

After the act, the woman, Bathsheba, got pregnant and bore him a son.

God was not pleased with David’s actions and as well sent Prophet Nathan to go and inform King David about his anger and punishment for the grievous sin he committed.

According to the biblical account of the story, the boy borne to David by Bathsheba took ill for days. In an attempt to find healing for the boy, King David prayed and fasted to God for mercy, but regardless the boy died, and the disease was never cured.

It was after the death of his son; only then did he take his bath, order food, and praise God, even to the amazement of his court members, who were worried that the news would affect him negatively.

3. Incurable Disease of Sores and Boils on the Head and Feet

This impending disease was a curse of disobedience to the commandant of God to the children of Israel. The sores and boils on the head and feet of the children of Israel after leaving Egypt were recorded in scripture.

The disease was a curse of disobedience to God, who had warned them about this in their earlier history. The people refused to listen to him, so he afflicted them with incurable sores and boiled on their heads and feet.

The disease was incurable because it was caused by sin and not by God’s blessing or favor. It became a punishment for their disobedience to him, which they deserved.

Another reason this disease could not be cured is that it was emotional rather than physical, so it could only be healed spiritually and physically.

4. Incurable Disease of the King of Jehoram of Judah

Following the death of King Jehoshaphat, Jehoram, his firstborn, inherited the throne at the age of thirty-two (32) years. He was king of Judah and lasted eight (8) years.

Jehoram, after taking over the kingship mantle after his father’s death, killed his brothers and some of Israel’s leaders.

At the time of his reign, the Kings of Israel sinned against God and were marrying Ahab’s daughters against God’s instructions. Jehoram married from the House of Ahab and was influenced to accept and worship their gods.

He caused Judah to sin against God, which incurred anger God against him. God struck him with a persistent incurable intestinal condition.

After suffering for nearly two (2) years,  the sickness caused his bowels to burst, and he passed away in excruciating pain. His remains were laid to rest in Judah, but he was not buried in the tomb of the past Kings of Judah.

Over time, at the end of the second year, his bowels came out because of the disease, and he died in great pain. He was buried in Judah but not amongst the tombs of Kings.

5. Incurable Disease of Jeremiah 

Jeremiah, a Prophet of God, suffered from an incurable disease. The disease had inflicted pains and long-sufferings on him for years. He had numerous times prayed for healing, but all attempts had been futile.

Jeremiah 15:18 (GNS)

Why do I keep on suffering? Why are my wounds incurable? Why won’t they heal? Do you intend to disappoint me like a stream that goes dry in the summer?”.

God, despite his illness, gave Jeremiah a very challenging mission: to preach to disobedient people and implore them to serve the Lord and confess their obstinate, wicked behavior.

Jeremiah lamented, “Why do I keep on suffering? Why are my wounds incurable? Why won’t they heal?….”. Nevertheless, despite how challenging it was for him, he didn’t stop speaking God’s teachings.

6. The incurable State of Samaria, Judah, and Jerusalem

The disease that afflicts Samaria was incurable; it had reached even Judah and Jerusalem. Samaria suffered this significant disease as a result of worshipping idols. God was unhappy with their actions and cursed the lands with a terrible disease.

God’s curse on the land of Samaria was a terrible thing, and it spread throughout the ground just like wildfire.

After this, Judah and Jerusalem began to suffer from the same disease, but they did not have to go through all of this alone. They were able to receive help from God; He sent them prophets who helped them understand what was happening and how to combat it.


Incurable diseases in the Bible have often resulted from disobedience to God or a punishment for sin, as in King David’s case.

In all instances in the Bible, Incurable diseases had led to death for the individual inflicted with it.

What are the takeaways from this? We might take away the lesson that God takes obedience seriously. We ought to adhere to his ways and honor those who speak God’s truth to avoid incurable diseases.