61 Awesome Prayer Points Against Anger And Bitterness

Prayer Points Against Anger And Bitterness

Anger and bitterness are two emotional states that can wreak havoc on your spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being.

This article aims to guide you through “61 prayer points against anger and bitterness,” offering a spiritual remedy to these toxic emotions.

The Spiritual Consequences of Anger and Bitterness

Harboring anger and bitterness can have severe spiritual consequences. Scriptures like Ephesians 4:31-32 warn against such negative emotions, emphasizing the need for kindness and forgiveness.

When you hold onto anger, you’re not just affecting your mood; you’re impacting your spiritual life and relationship with the Divine.

Anger and bitterness don’t just affect your spiritual life; they also take a toll on your physical and emotional health. These emotions can lead to stress, high blood pressure, and even depression.

The Role of Prayer in Overcoming Anger and Bitterness

Prayer is a potent tool in your arsenal against the destructive forces of anger and bitterness. By focusing on these “17 prayer points against anger and bitterness,” you can begin to find emotional and spiritual healing.

Prayer Points Against Anger and Bitterness

1. Prayer for Self-Awareness

Lord, help me recognize the triggers that lead to anger and bitterness in my life.

Prayer for Self-Awareness

2. Prayer for Forgiveness

Father, grant me the grace to forgive those who have wronged me.

Prayer for Forgiveness

3. Prayer for Release from Resentment

God, free my heart from the chains of resentment and anger.

Prayer for Release from Resentment

4. Prayer for Emotional Healing

Heavenly Father, heal the emotional wounds that fuel my bitterness.

Prayer for Emotional Healing

5. Prayer for Wisdom

Lord, give me the wisdom to handle conflicts without resorting to anger.

Prayer for Wisdom

6. Prayer for Patience

God, grant me patience when I am tempted to react in anger.

7. Prayer for a Calm Spirit

Lord, fill me with a calm spirit that overrides my tendency to be bitter.

8. Prayer for Understanding

Father, help me understand the perspectives of those who anger me.

9. Prayer for Compassion

God, fill me with compassion for those I find difficult to forgive.

10. Prayer for Humility

Lord, humble my heart so that I may let go of all bitterness.

11. Prayer for Self-Control

God, give me self-control over my emotions.

12. Prayer for Love

Lord, let love replace the anger and bitterness in my heart.

13. Prayer for Peace

Father, fill me with your peace that surpasses all understanding.

14. Prayer for Joy

God, let joy flood my soul, washing away all bitterness.

15. Prayer for Kindness

Lord, make me kind to those who have angered me.

16. Prayer for Gentleness

Father, let gentleness be my response in times of conflict.

17. Prayer for Faithfulness

God, make me faithful in practicing these prayers daily.

18. Prayer for Calming the Heart

Lord, still the raging storms within our hearts, replacing anger with your peace.

19. Prayer for Release of Bitterness

Father, uproot the bitterness that clings to our souls, planting instead the seeds of forgiveness.

20. Prayer for Understanding in Conflict

Almighty God, grant us understanding in the face of conflict, curbing the rise of anger.

21. Prayer for Patience in Provocation

Sovereign Lord, bestow upon us patience when provoked, that anger may not find a foothold.

22. Prayer for Forgiveness

Merciful Father, lead us to forgive as you have forgiven us, washing away all bitterness.

23. Prayer for Self-Control

Holy Spirit, strengthen our self-control, that we may respond with calmness and not with anger.

24. Prayer for Peacemaking

Prince of Peace, mold us into peacemakers, diffusing anger and sowing harmony.

25. Prayer for the Healing of Old Wounds

Jehovah Rapha, heal our old wounds that manifest as anger and bitterness.

26. Prayer for Love Over Hatred

God of Love, fill our hearts with love that overpowers any feelings of hatred or bitterness.

27. Prayer for Overcoming Resentment

Lord, empower us to overcome resentment and to hold fast to your joy and peace.

28. Prayer for a Gentle Spirit

Father, cultivate in us a gentle spirit, quelling the fires of anger within.

29. Prayer for Wisdom in Response

God of Wisdom, guide our responses to be seasoned with grace, not marred by anger.

30. Prayer for a Forgiving Heart

Creator of all, shape our hearts to be forgiving, erasing traces of bitterness.

31. Prayer for Restraint

Lord, grant us restraint to hold back words of anger, choosing words of life instead.

32. Prayer for Peaceful Words

Almighty, let our words be fountains of peace, not swords of anger.

33. Prayer for a Positive Outlook

Father of Lights, lead us to a positive outlook that dismisses anger and embraces hope.

34. Prayer for Reconciliation

God of Reconciliation, bring us to reconcile with those we’ve harbored bitterness against.

35. Prayer for a Tender Heart

Lord, soften our hearts, preventing the hardness that breeds anger.

36. Prayer for Gracious Thoughts

King of Glory, fill our minds with gracious thoughts, crowding out bitterness.

37. Prayer for Letting Go of Grudges

Everlasting Father, help us to let go of grudges, freeing us from the chains of bitterness.

38. Prayer for Inner Peace

Jehovah Shalom, grant us inner peace that extinguishes the flames of anger.

39. Prayer for the Spirit of Forgiveness

Divine Healer, bestow upon us the spirit of forgiveness, driving away bitter thoughts.

40. Prayer for Compassion

Lord of Mercy, infuse our hearts with compassion, that anger may not take root.

41. Prayer for Release from Past Hurts

Mighty God, release us from the grip of past hurts that stir up anger and bitterness.

42. Prayer for a Joyful Heart

God of Joy, fill our hearts with your joy, which is our strength against bitterness.

43. Prayer for Humility

Father, clothe us with humility, which quiets the noise of anger.

44. Prayer for a Heart of Service

Servant King, inspire in us a heart of service, diminishing selfish anger.

45. Prayer for Emotional Healing

Healer of Hearts, provide emotional healing, dissolving the bitter scars we carry.

46. Prayer for a Calm Disposition

Lord, gift us with a calm disposition, keeping anger at bay.

47. Prayer for Clear Communication

God of Clarity, aids us in communicating clearly and calmly, reducing misunderstandings that lead to anger.

48. Prayer for Strength to Forgive

Almighty Strength, grant us the power to forgive, even when bitterness seems overpowering.

49. Prayer for Purity of Mind

Holy One, purify our minds, freeing them from the pollution of bitterness and angry thoughts.

50. Prayer for the Fruit of the Spirit

Divine Gardener, grow the fruit of the Spirit within us, so love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control may flourish, expelling all anger and bitterness.

51. Prayer for Unity in the Spirit

God of Unity, bind us together in the Spirit, creating a bond that cannot be broken by anger or bitterness.

52. Prayer for Wisdom in Handling Anger

Lord of all Wisdom, teach us to handle our anger righteously, never allowing it to lead to sin or bitterness.

53. Prayer for Surrendering to God’s Timing

Timeless One, help us to surrender to your timing, trusting your process and forsaking the quickness to anger when things don’t go our way.

54. Prayer for Freedom from Resentment

Chain Breaker, liberate us from the bondage of resentment, allowing your peace to reign in our hearts.

55. Prayer for Kindness in our Hearts

Fountain of Kindness, instill in us an unwavering kindness that overcomes all feelings of anger and bitterness.

56. Prayer for a Quiet Spirit

Gentle Whisperer, grant us a quiet spirit that speaks volumes against the shouts of anger and whispers of bitterness.

57. Prayer for a Spirit of Thankfulness

Lord of Gratitude, immerse our hearts in thankfulness, which leaves no room for anger or bitterness to dwell.

58. Prayer for Discernment in Emotions

Lord of Discernment, help us to understand our emotions, to distinguish between righteous indignation and destructive anger, and to let go of all forms of bitterness.

59. Prayer for the Shield of Faith

Mighty Shield, may our faith in you act as a barrier against the arrows of anger and the roots of bitterness that seek to disrupt our peace.

60. Prayer for a Renewed Mind

Transformer of Hearts, renew our minds daily, so that thoughts of anger and bitterness are replaced with your wisdom and serenity.

61. Prayer for Godly Responses

Father, train us to respond to situations with the wisdom and patience of Christ, preventing the rise of anger and the spread of bitterness.

How to Incorporate These Prayers into Your Daily Life

To make these prayers effective, incorporate them into your daily routine. Whether it’s during your morning devotion or before bedtime, make it a habit to pray against anger and bitterness.

Testimonies: Real-Life Stories of Transformation

Many have found solace and transformation through these prayer points. Jane, for instance, was able to forgive her estranged father after months of prayer. Mark was able to let go of workplace bitterness that had plagued him for years.


1. What is the best time to pray against anger and bitterness?

Anytime is a good time, but many find early mornings or before bed to be most effective.

2. Can these prayers be customized?

Absolutely, feel free to adapt these prayers to fit your specific needs.

3. How long does it take to see results?

The time varies for each individual. Consistency is key.


The “17 prayer points against anger and bitterness” are more than just words; they are a spiritual regimen for emotional and spiritual well-being. Make them a part of your daily life and witness the transformation.


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