Ghosting, the act of abruptly cutting off communication with someone without explanation or warning, has become a prevalent phenomenon in the modern dating and social media era.

While it may seem like a contemporary issue, the Bible, a timeless source of wisdom and guidance, offers principles and insights that can shed light on the moral and ethical aspects of ghosting.

In this article, we will explore what does the Bible says about ghosting and how its teachings can help us navigate the complexities of modern relationships.


While the Bible does not explicitly mention ghosting as a modern phenomenon, its teachings provide valuable guidance on how to navigate relationships with love, compassion, and integrity.

The Golden Rule, principles of open communication and reconciliation, love, forgiveness, and honesty all offer insights into the moral and ethical aspects of ghosting.

Ultimately, the Bible encourages us to treat others with respect and kindness, to address conflicts with grace and compassion, and to be honest and trustworthy in our interactions.

These timeless principles can help us make more thoughtful and ethical choices in our relationships, whether they be romantic, familial, or social, and guide us away from the hurtful act of ghosting.

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