49 Powerful Prayer Points To Be Filled With The Holy Spirit

Prayer Points To Be Filled With The Holy Spirit

In the realm of Christian spirituality, the desire to be filled with the Holy Spirit is a profound and deeply personal journey.

This transcendent experience brings believers closer to the divine, granting them wisdom, guidance, and an overflowing sense of God’s presence.

In this article, we explore 19 prayer points that can lead you on the path to being filled with the Holy Spirit, each point designed to draw you deeper into the embrace of the Divine.


The Significance of Being Filled with the Holy Spirit

Before delving into the prayer points, it’s essential to understand why being filled with the Holy Spirit is a pivotal aspect of Christian spirituality.

The Divine Counselor

  1. Inner Guidance: The Holy Spirit provides inner guidance, helping you navigate life’s complexities.
  2. Revelation of Truth: It unveils profound spiritual truths and offers discernment.
  3. Fellowship with God: Being filled with the Holy Spirit deepens your communion with God.

Prayer Points to Be Filled with the Holy Spirit

Being filled with the Holy Spirit is not just a religious aspiration; it is a transformative encounter that reshapes the essence of one’s faith.

The Holy Spirit is often described as the Comforter, the Advocate, and the Spirit of Truth. Inviting the Holy Spirit into your life through prayer is an act of profound surrender and faith.

1. Surrender to God’s Will

“Father, I surrender my will to Yours. Let Your divine purpose be the compass that guides my life.”

Surrender To God'S Will

2. Cleansing and Purification

“Lord, purify my heart, and wash away all impurities that hinder Your Spirit from dwelling within me.”

Cleansing And Purification

3. Openness to God’s Presence

“Abba Father, I open the doors of my heart to Your Holy Spirit. May Your presence flood my soul.”

Openness To God'S Presence

4. Faith in the Promise

“I believe in Your promise to send the Holy Spirit. Let my faith be the vessel through which Your Spirit fills me.”

Faith In The Promise

5. Confession and Repentance

“Forgiving God, I confess my sins and repent. Cleanse me, and prepare me to receive Your Holy Spirit.”

Confession And Repentance

6. Hunger for Righteousness

“Lord, create in me a hunger for righteousness. Let Your Spirit dwell in a heart that longs for You.”

7. Embracing God’s Word

“Divine Teacher, let Your Word be a lamp to my feet. Illuminate my path with Your wisdom and understanding.”

8. Fruit of the Spirit

“Gracious Father, grant me the fruits of the Holy Spirit—love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.”

9. Baptism in the Holy Spirit

“Lord, baptize me with Your Holy Spirit and fire. Let Your anointing descend upon me.”

10. Yielding to Spiritual Gifts

“Sovereign God, I yield to the spiritual gifts Your Spirit desires to bestow upon me for Your glory.”

11. Protection and Discernment

“O Mighty Protector, surround me with Your divine shield of protection. Grant me the discernment to recognize the snares and pitfalls that may come my way. Let Your Spirit guide me away from harm’s reach.”

12. Empowerment for Service

“Lord, empower me with Your Holy Spirit, equipping me for service in Your Kingdom. Use me as a vessel of Your love, grace, and truth to touch the lives of others.”

13. Renewed Mind

“Heavenly Father, I surrender my mind to You. Renew it by the power of Your Spirit. Let my thoughts be aligned with Your will, wisdom, and righteousness.”

14. Release from Bondage

“O Deliverer of Souls, break every chain that binds me. Set me free from addictions, fears, and burdens that hinder my walk with You. Fill the void with Your Spirit.”

15. Hunger for God’s Word

“Divine Teacher, kindle within me an insatiable hunger for Your Word. Let it be a source of nourishment and revelation in my life.”

16. Love for Others

“Gracious God, fill my heart with Your love for others. Let Your love flow through me, touching the lives of those I encounter.”

17. Humility

“Lord, cultivate within me the virtue of humility. Let me decrease, that You may increase in my life. May Your Spirit be exalted above all.”

18. Guidance in Decision-Making

“Wise Counselor, guide me in making decisions aligned with Your perfect will. Grant me clarity and wisdom through Your Holy Spirit.”

19. Filling of Joy

“God of Joy, fill me with Your uncontainable joy. Let it be my strength and a testament to Your presence within me.”

20. Prayer for the Indwelling of the Spirit

Holy Spirit, come and make Your home within our hearts, filling us with Your presence.

21. Prayer for the Fruit of the Spirit

Lord, cultivate in us the fruit of the Spirit; love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

22. Prayer for Spiritual Gifts

 Father, we ask You to generously distribute spiritual gifts among us, that we may serve Your body effectively.

23. Prayer for Spiritual Wisdom

Almighty God, fill us with the spirit of wisdom, that we may know You better and understand Your will.

24. Prayer for Spiritual Strength

Lord, fortify us with Your mighty power within, that we may endure life’s trials with spiritual resilience.

25. Prayer for Boldness in Witnessing

Holy Spirit, grant us boldness to speak Your word and witness to others without fear.

26. Prayer for Spiritual Understanding

Heavenly Father, open the eyes of our hearts, and enlighten us with spiritual understanding.

27. Prayer for Renewal

Creator Spirit, renew us day by day, that we may reflect Your purity and passion.

28. Prayer for Revival

Spirit of Revival, stir our souls and awaken Your church to new life and fervor.

29. Prayer for Divine Inspiration

Breath of God, breathe divine inspiration upon us, that we may create, serve, and glorify You in all our endeavors.

30. Prayer for Love Overflowing

Spirit of Love, let Your love overflow in our hearts, that we may love others as You have loved us.

31. Prayer for Spiritual Discernment

Lord, gift us with spiritual discernment, to distinguish between truth and deception.

32. Prayer for Unity in the Spirit

Father of Unity, bind us together with the Holy Spirit, that we may be one as You are one.

33. Prayer for Spiritual Illumination

Giver of Light, illuminate our minds with the light of Your Spirit, guiding us in all truth.

34. Prayer for Transformation

Holy Spirit, transform us into the image of Christ, from glory to glory, by Your power.

35. Prayer for a Spirit of Worship

Divine Spirit, instill within us a spirit of true worship, that we may honor You in spirit and truth.

36. Prayer for Spiritual Intimacy

Dear Comforter, draw us into deeper intimacy with You, that we may know Your heart and hear Your voice.

37. Prayer for a Spirit of Prayer

Lord of Prayer, infuse us with a spirit of devotion and intercession, that we may stand in the gap for others.

38. Prayer for Spiritual Fire

God of Elijah, let Your fire fall upon us, igniting our passion for You and Your purposes.

39. Prayer for Spiritual Protection

Shielding Spirit, protect us from the snares of the enemy, that we may walk in holiness and righteousness.

40. Prayer for Guidance

Spirit of Truth, guide us in our decisions and lead us in the path everlasting.

41. Prayer for Overflowing Joy

Lord, fill us with unspeakable joy in the Holy Spirit, that we may be strengthened in our inner being.

42. Prayer for Peace that Surpasses Understanding

Prince of Peace, let Your peace rule in our hearts, a peace beyond our understanding.

43. Prayer for Spiritual Consolation

Comforter in Chief, console us in our sorrows and trials, wrapping us in Your gentle embrace.

44. Prayer for Faithfulness

Spirit of Faithfulness, enable us to remain steadfast in faith and devotion to You.

45. Prayer for a Spirit of Humility

Lord, clothe us with humility, that we may serve You and others with a pure heart.

46. Prayer for Spiritual Authority

Mighty Spirit, endow us with spiritual authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy.

47. Prayer for Spiritual Vision

Visionary Spirit, grant us spiritual vision, to see beyond the natural into the realm of the kingdom of God.

48. Prayer for Spiritual Alertness

Watchful Spirit, keep us alert and mindful of Your promptings and the spiritual realities around us.

49. Prayer for Spiritual Clarity

Spirit of Clarity, clear away any confusion or doubt, and let us see Your truth with unobstructed vision.


1. Can Anyone Be Filled with the Holy Spirit?

Yes, the promise of being filled with the Holy Spirit is available to all who believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior and seek this divine encounter through prayer.

2. How Can I Know When I Am Filled with the Holy Spirit?

The experience of being filled with the Holy Spirit is often marked by a profound sense of peace, joy, and a heightened awareness of God’s presence in your life.

3. What Role Does Speaking in Tongues Play in Receiving the Holy Spirit?

Speaking in tongues can be one manifestation of the Holy Spirit’s presence, but it is not the sole indicator. Being filled with the Holy Spirit encompasses a broader experience of spiritual empowerment and transformation.


In the journey of faith, being filled with the Holy Spirit is akin to receiving a divine compass that guides you through the intricate maze of life.

These 19 prayer points are not mere words; they are conduits of divine grace, beckoning the Spirit of God to dwell richly within you.

As you embark on this sacred quest, remember that being filled with the Holy Spirit is a lifelong endeavor—a continuous surrender to God’s presence, guidance, and transformation.

May your journey be one of deepening faith, profound communion, and overflowing spiritual abundance.

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