17 Spiritual Prayers Against Financial Attack

Prayers Against Financial Attack

In a world where financial challenges can arise unexpectedly, many find themselves facing financial attacks that threaten their stability and well-being.

These attacks can manifest in various forms, including job loss, unexpected bills, and financial setbacks. However, as faithful believers, we have a powerful weapon at our disposal – prayer.

“Prayers Against Financial Attack” serve as a spiritual shield against adverse financial circumstances and unexpected challenges that threaten financial stability. Rooted in faith and spiritual strength, these prayers seek to fortify against financial setbacks, offering a source of hope, strength, and resilience.

In this article, we will explore 13 spiritual shields in the form of prayers that can protect you against financial attacks and help you navigate the stormy seas of financial instability.

Prayers Against Financial Attack

These prayers are fervent appeals for divine protection and intervention in times of financial vulnerability, aiming to ward off negative influences or unforeseen hardships that might jeopardize one’s financial well-being.

They resonate with individuals seeking spiritual defense and divine guidance to overcome financial adversities and restore financial security.

1. The Armor of Faith Prayer

The Armor Of Faith Prayer

At the forefront of our spiritual defense against financial attacks is the Armor of Faith prayer. This powerful prayer calls upon the divine protection of God to shield us from harm. It consists of acknowledging your faith, inviting divine guidance, and affirming your trust in God’s plan for your financial well-being.

Embrace your faith and repeat after me:
“Heavenly Father, I put on the Armor of Faith. I trust in Your divine plan for my financial well-being. I am shielded by the unwavering faith in Your provision. Protect me from financial attacks, and guide me through the challenges that may arise. Amen.”

2. The Abundance Declaration Prayer

The Abundance Declaration Prayer

This prayer focuses on declaring abundance into your life. It is a testament to your unwavering belief in God’s generosity and the abundant blessings He bestows upon His children. Use this prayer to ward off financial attacks and invite prosperity into your life.

Declare with conviction:
“I declare the abundance of God’s blessings upon my life. Financial attacks shall not prevail against me. The Lord provides for all my needs, and I am open to the abundance that flows from His divine grace. Amen.”

3. The Financial Wisdom Prayer

The Financial Wisdom Prayer

Financial wisdom is a vital shield against attacks. This prayer seeks the guidance and wisdom necessary to manage your finances effectively and protect yourself from reckless decisions that may lead to financial turmoil.

Seek financial wisdom:
“Heavenly Father, grant me the wisdom to make sound financial decisions. Guard my heart against impulsive actions and guide me to steward my resources wisely. Protect me from financial attacks through the wisdom You provide. Amen.”

4. The Debt-Breaking Prayer

The Debt-Breaking Prayer

Financial attacks often manifest as overwhelming debts. This prayer is a powerful tool for breaking free from the chains of debt, seeking God’s intervention, and trusting in His provision to lead you to financial freedom.

Break free from debt:
“Lord, I stand before You burdened by debt. I trust in Your grace to help me break free from this financial bondage. Shield me from further debt and lead me toward financial liberation. Amen.”

5. The Job Security Prayer

The Debt-Breaking Prayer

Job loss can be a devastating financial attack. This prayer is a shield to protect your job and secure your source of income. It invites God’s favor and protection over your career and employment.

Secure your job with faith:
“Heavenly Father, I pray for the security of my job. Protect me from job loss and financial instability. Grant me favor in the workplace and shield my source of income from harm. Amen.”

6. The Business Success Prayer

For entrepreneurs and business owners, this prayer invokes God’s blessings on your business endeavors. It serves as a shield against financial attacks that may threaten the success of your business or financial ventures.

Pray for business success:
“Lord, I seek Your blessings upon my business. Protect it from financial attacks and prosper my efforts. May Your divine guidance lead my business to success and financial stability. Amen.”

7. The Financial Restoration Prayer

In times of financial crisis, this prayer is a powerful shield that calls upon God to restore your financial well-being. It acknowledges that God is the ultimate restorer of all that is lost or broken.

Pray for restoration:
“Heavenly Father, I come before You in need of financial restoration. Shield me from further loss and lead me to the path of financial recovery. I trust in Your ability to restore what has been taken from me. Amen.”

8. The Generosity Prayer

Generosity is a spiritual shield that can protect you from financial attacks. This prayer asks for a generous heart and spirit, inviting the blessings that come from giving to others.

Pray for a generous heart:
“Lord, grant me a generous heart and spirit. Protect me from the fear of scarcity and lead me to share my blessings with others. As I give, I trust in Your abundance to shield me from financial attacks. Amen.”

9. The Investment Guidance Prayer

For those seeking to invest wisely, this prayer serves as a shield of protection, asking God for guidance in making sound investment decisions. It affirms your trust in God’s divine wisdom to safeguard your financial investments.

Seek divine investment guidance:
“Heavenly Father, I seek Your guidance in making wise investments. Protect my financial assets and lead me to opportunities that align with Your will. Shield me from financial attacks in the world of investments. Amen.”

10. The Emergency Fund Prayer

Having an emergency fund is a vital financial shield. This prayer calls upon God to help you establish and maintain an emergency fund, ensuring you are prepared for unexpected financial challenges.

Build your emergency fund with faith:
“Lord, grant me the wisdom to build and maintain an emergency fund. Protect me from financial emergencies and guide me in securing my financial future. Amen.”

11. The Stewardship Prayer

Stewardship is the responsible management of resources. This prayer is a shield against wastefulness and calls upon God for the strength to be a faithful steward of your finances.

Pray for stewardship:
“Heavenly Father, I seek Your guidance to be a faithful steward of the resources You’ve entrusted to me. Protect me from financial wastefulness and lead me to manage my finances responsibly. Amen.”

12. The Tithing Prayer

Tithing is a spiritual practice that acknowledges God’s ownership of all we possess. This prayer is a shield against financial attacks and invites divine blessings through faithful tithing.

Pray for tithing blessings:
“Lord, I commit to tithing as an act of faith and obedience. Protect me from financial attacks and open the windows of heaven to pour out blessings upon me. Amen.”

13. The Financial Resilience Prayer

Financial resilience is the ability to bounce back from financial setbacks. This prayer is a shield of strength, asking God to equip you with the resilience needed to withstand financial attacks and emerge stronger.

Pray for resilience:
“Heavenly Father, grant me the strength and resilience to endure financial challenges. Shield me from despair and guide me to emerge stronger and wiser from every financial attack. Amen.”


14. Financial Protection Prayer

This prayer seeks divine protection over one’s financial resources, acknowledging God’s sovereignty over financial matters. It reflects a reliance on God’s guidance and protection, asking for wisdom in managing finances and protection against unforeseen challenges.

“Lord, I seek Your divine protection over my finances. Shield my income, investments, and resources from any attacks or unforeseen challenges. Safeguard my financial stability, and grant me the wisdom to make sound financial decisions. Amen.”

15. Prayer for Divine Provision

The prayer reflects trust in God’s promise of provision during financial difficulties. It emphasizes faith in God’s abundant provision and requests wisdom to handle resources wisely, emphasizing a reliance on divine support.

“Heavenly Father, in times of financial distress, I lean on Your promise of provision. Strengthen my faith as I trust in Your abundant provision for all my needs. Grant me the wisdom to manage my resources wisely. Amen.”

16. Financial Security Prayer

This prayer appeals for divine protection against financial attacks and deceptive practices. It calls for God’s shield over one’s financial pursuits, aiming for stability and prosperity while entrusting financial matters to God’s care.

“God of abundance, I pray for unwavering financial security. Guard my finances against any form of attack or deceitful schemes. May Your divine protection surround my financial endeavors, ensuring stability and prosperity. Amen.”

17. Prayer for Restoration of Finances

Addressing financial loss, this prayer seeks divine intervention for healing and recovery. It acknowledges God’s ability to restore what has been lost and asks for strength to rebuild financially after setbacks.

“Lord, in moments of financial loss, I turn to You for restoration. Heal the wounds of financial setback and guide me toward financial recovery. Grant me the resilience to rebuild what has been lost. Amen.”


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can prayer really protect us from financial attacks?

Yes, prayer is a powerful tool that can provide spiritual protection and guidance during financial challenges. It strengthens our faith and aligns us with divine wisdom and provision.

2. How often should I pray these financial protection prayers?

The frequency of your prayers may vary according to your personal spiritual practice. You can incorporate these prayers into your daily or weekly routine, or whenever you feel the need for financial protection and guidance.

3. Are these prayers a replacement for financial planning and responsibility?

No, these prayers are not a substitute for responsible financial planning and management. They are

a complement to your efforts, providing spiritual guidance and protection as you navigate financial challenges.


In the battle against financial attacks, prayer is a formidable shield that offers divine protection, wisdom, and guidance. These 13 spiritual shields can be your armor in the face of financial adversity.

As you incorporate these prayers into your life, remember to combine them with responsible financial stewardship, wise decision-making, and a steadfast trust in God’s plan for your financial well-being.

Through faith, prayer, and wisdom, you can overcome financial attacks and find the strength to prosper in all aspects of your life. Amen.

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