53 Powerful Psalms to Pray with Salt

Powerful Psalms To Pray With Salt (1)

Salt has held a significant place in human history and spirituality. It is often associated with purification, protection, and the infusion of positive energy.

When combined with the timeless wisdom of the Psalms, it can be a potent tool for spiritual growth and well-being.

In this article, we will explore 53 powerful Psalms to pray with salt, harnessing the ancient mysticism of this practice.

53 Powerful Psalms to Pray with Salt

Psalms for Protection From Evil Doers

Psalm 3: A Shield of Salvation

Psalm 3 is a beacon of hope in times of distress. It calls upon the Lord for protection and salvation from those who rise against us. When recited with unwavering faith, it fortifies our spiritual armor against malevolent forces.

Psalm 18: A Fortress of Deliverance

Psalm 18 is an ode to the divine strength that delivers us from our adversaries. It serves as a powerful invocation for protection against those who seek to harm us physically, mentally, or spiritually.

Psalm 23: The Divine Shepherd

Psalm 23, known as the Shepherd’s Psalm, brings us under the watchful eye of the Lord, who guides and protects us like a shepherd guarding his flock. It ensures that we lack nothing in the face of adversity.

Psalm 27: A Beacon of Light

Psalm 27 is a source of courage and strength. When we dwell in the house of the Lord, our enemies will stumble and fall, for the divine presence lights our path.

Psalm 28: The Rock of Refuge

Psalm 28 is a cry for divine assistance. It seeks protection and strength when faced with evil intentions and adversaries who plot harm.

Psalm 31: A Strong Tower

Psalm 31 is a testimony to the Lord as a fortress and refuge in times of trouble. It shields us from slander and conspiracies.

Psalm 34: Taste and See

Psalm 34 invites us to taste the goodness of the Lord and discover the refuge it provides. Those who seek Him are promised deliverance from their fears.

Psalm 35: The Avenger of the Righteous

Psalm 35 is a plea for divine intervention. It invokes the Lord to contend with those who contend with us, assuring that justice prevails.

Psalm 37: Rest in the Lord

Psalm 37 encourages us to rest in the Lord’s promises. It assures that evildoers will be cut off while the righteous shall inherit the land.

Psalm 64: The Hidden Plot Revealed

Psalm 64 is a powerful supplication against secret plots and deceitful schemes. It calls upon the Lord to expose and thwart the machinations of the wicked.

Psalm 71: A Refuge from the Womb

Psalm 71 invokes the Lord as a continual refuge from the womb to old age. It offers protection from those who seek our harm.

Psalm 91: The Shadow of the Almighty

Psalm 91 is the ultimate psalm of protection. It promises refuge under the shadow of the Almighty, guarding against pestilence, danger, and the wickedness of man.

Psalm 140: Deliverance from Evil Men

Psalm 140 is a cry for deliverance from evil men and women who plot iniquity. It implores the Lord to keep us safe from their treacherous schemes.

Psalms for Favor and Luck

Psalm 23 – The Shepherd’s Psalm

Commonly known as the “Shepherd’s Psalm,” Psalm 23 instills a sense of divine guidance and protection, ushering in favor and fortune.

Psalm 91 – The Assurance of God’s Protection

Psalm 91 emphasizes God’s promise of protection, making it a powerful source of divine favor and safeguarding.

Psalm 37 – Delight in the Lord

This Psalm advises delighting in the Lord and committing one’s way to Him, promising favor, prosperity, and guidance.

Psalm 112 – The Righteous Will Never Be Moved

Psalm 112 extols the virtues of the righteous, promising that their descendants will be blessed with wealth and prosperity.

Psalm 1 – The Way of the Righteous and the Wicked

Psalm 1 assures blessings and prosperity to those who follow the path of righteousness and avoid wickedness.

Psalm 34 – Taste and See that the Lord is Good

Psalm 34 encourages seeking the Lord and promises His deliverance from troubles, bringing forth favor and fortune.

Psalm 115 – To Your Name Be the Glory

Psalm 115 is an invocation to the Lord to grant His people blessings, signifying His favor.

Psalm 67 – May God Be Gracious to Us

Psalm 67 invokes God’s grace and blessings, asking for His favor to shine upon us.

Psalm 5 – Give Ear to My Words, O Lord

Psalm 5 calls upon God to listen to our prayers, aligning our path with His favor and protection.

Psalm 56 – In God I Trust

Psalm 56 is a plea for divine mercy, promising that in God, one can find refuge and favor.

Psalm 19 – The Law of the Lord Is Perfect

Psalm 19 extols the virtues of God’s teachings, promising that they restore the soul and provide favor.

Psalm 46 – God is Our Refuge and Strength

Psalm 46 assures that God is our refuge and strength in times of trouble, providing divine favor

Psalm 27 – The Lord is My Light and My Salvation

Psalm 27 is a declaration of unwavering faith in the Lord, inviting His favor and protection.

Psalm 144 – My Rock and My Fortress

Psalm 144 acknowledges God as the source of victory and prosperity, ushering in favor and blessings.

Psalm 121 – My Help Comes from the Lord

Psalm 121 acknowledges God as the source of help and protection, promising favor and luck.

Most Powerful Psalms Against Enemies

Psalm 23: The Shepherd’s Psalm

Psalm 23 is known as the “Shepherd’s Psalm,” and it instills a sense of divine protection. It reaffirms God’s guidance and provision, making it a powerful defense against those who seek to harm us.

Psalm 27: The Lord is My Light

Psalm 27 proclaims that the Lord is our light and salvation. It bolsters our confidence and trust in God’s deliverance from hostile forces.

Psalm 35: A Cry for Vindication

Psalm 35 is a plea for God’s intervention against unjust adversaries. It invokes divine judgment upon those who wish to harm us.

Psalm 37: Trusting in the Lord

Psalm 37 offers a message of trust in the Lord. It teaches us to be patient and to rely on God for protection against our foes.

Psalm 54: God is My Helper

Psalm 54 seeks God’s help against enemies. It emphasizes the role of God as our protector and deliverer.

Psalm 59: A Prayer for Deliverance

Psalm 59 is a prayer for deliverance from enemies. It appeals to God to thwart the plans of those who wish us harm.

Psalm 64: Protection from Secret Plots

Psalm 64 is a powerful tool for protection against covert enemies and secret plots. It calls upon God to expose hidden schemes.

Psalm 91: The Shelter of the Most High

Psalm 91 speaks of dwelling in the shelter of the Most High and finding refuge under God’s wings. It provides comfort and safety in times of danger.

Psalm 140: A Shield Against the Wicked

Psalm 140 is a shield against the wicked. It invokes God’s protection and seeks refuge from deceitful adversaries.

Psalm 143: A Cry for Mercy

Psalm 143 is a heartfelt cry for mercy and protection. It pleads with God for guidance and safety from our enemies.

Psalm 144: God, Our Fortress

Psalm 144 acknowledges God as our fortress and protector. It helps us place our trust in divine defense against adversaries.

Psalm 109: The Imprecatory Psalm

Psalm 109 is known as an imprecatory psalm, seeking God’s judgment upon enemies. It is a powerful plea for justice against those who harm us.

Psalm 55: A Prayer for Relief

Psalm 55 is a prayer for relief from enemies. It calls upon God to deliver us from the turmoil and strife caused by adversaries.

Psalm 64: Unmasking the Wicked

Psalm 64 is another powerful psalm for unmasking the wicked. It asks God to reveal and thwart the plans of those who work in secrecy against us.

Psalm 109: A Plea for Justice

Psalm 109 is a plea for justice against adversaries. It implores God to repay those who have done us wrong.

Psalms for Protection and  Healing

Psalm 23: A Shepherd’s Assurance

Psalm 23 is a timeless source of comfort and assurance. It describes the Lord as a shepherd who provides for His flock, ensuring they lack nothing. This Psalm conveys a profound sense of protection, emphasizing the Lord’s guidance through life’s darkest valleys.

Psalm 91: The Shelter of the Most High

Psalm 91 speaks of finding refuge in the shelter of the Most High, who promises to protect His faithful followers from various dangers and illnesses. It is often used in prayer for physical and spiritual healing.

Psalm 121: The Keeper of Israel

Psalm 121 acknowledges God as the keeper of Israel, the one who neither slumbers nor sleeps. It affirms that God is our protector, shielding us from harm and preserving our well-being.

Psalm 27: The Lord Is My Light and My Salvation

Psalm 27 is a powerful declaration of faith and confidence in the Lord’s protective embrace. It is frequently recited to find strength during challenging times and to overcome fear.

Psalm 34: Taste and See the Lord’s Goodness

Psalm 34 invites believers to experience the goodness of the Lord, reinforcing the idea that those who trust in Him will be shielded from affliction.

Psalm 107: Healing from Affliction

Psalm 107 is often turned to for solace and healing, emphasizing the restorative power of God’s word and His ability to deliver from destruction.

Psalm 46: A Refuge in Times of Trouble

Psalm 46 assures us that God is an unwavering refuge in times of trouble, strengthening our resolve and offering protection when adversity strikes.

Psalm 18: The Lord’s Deliverance

Psalm 18 describes God as a rock, a fortress, and a deliverer. It is a testament to divine protection and salvation.

Psalm 4: Peace in the Midst of Trouble

Psalm 4 reminds us of the tranquility that can be found in the Lord’s presence, even during turbulent times, ensuring peaceful rest.

Psalm 56: Trust in God’s Protection

Psalm 56 calls for unwavering trust in God’s protection, offering a sense of security that conquers fear.


In the practice of praying with salt and invoking the power of Psalms, we find a rich tapestry of spiritual guidance and protection.

These 53 powerful Psalms provide a unique avenue for connecting with the divine and seeking solace, healing, and safeguarding from life’s challenges.



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