Letting go of a relationship can be difficult, but sometimes it is necessary to do so. Bible verses about letting go of a relationship are found throughout the Bible for us to consider when we need guidance in this area.

Finding a balance between holding on and letting go is the key to a successful relationship in life. We strive to make the best decisions possible, but making the right decision isn’t always easy, especially when it comes to those we love.

We invest a lot of our emotions, time, and energy in relationships, and the more we put into them, the more difficult it is to let go.

We don’t let go for a variety of reasons; we don’t let go because we’re afraid of the unknown; we don’t let go because we’re afraid of being alone; the reasons are numerous, but the end result is the same: unhappiness.

What the Bible says about letting go of a relationship.

The Bible tells us that “It is better to live alone than with an unruly and quarrelsome spouse.” ( 1 Timothy 5:11) Sometimes you have to let go of relationships where there’s continual persuasion from your spouse or significant other against what God has called you to do.

In the Bible, when a spouse continually persuades you to disobey God, it is a sign for you to let go of that relationship.

You might be in a marriage where one or both spouses are not following Jesus Christ and they don’t want their partner’s life with Jesus to interfere with theirs.

We all have different opinions about what our priorities should be; some people believe that having an intimate relationship is more important than obeying God.

However, if your spouse continues to persuade you against your faith then it is time for you to end the relationship. This post discusses Bible verses about letting go of a relationship– read on!

Bible verses about letting go of a relationship

  1. 1 Corinthians 15:33

 Do not be misled: Bad Company corrupts good character. 1 Corinthians 15:33 (NIV)

Misled - Bible Verses About Letting Go Of A Relationship

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