Marriage is a huge responsibility and most people don’t take it seriously until they find themselves in one. It’s not often that people think about signs God is working on your marriage, but there are signs to show if your marriage was ordained by him or not.

What signs does God use to show that he is working on your marriage? Some signs are subtle, while some signs are obvious. These signs can help you know if it’s time to give up on the marriage or not.

Marriage is a blessing from God. That’s why signs that God is working on your marriage are important to know if you want to be sure your marriage was put together by Him or not. Signs of the work of God in our lives are signs of His presence, and signs he wants us to be aware of him in this world.

This post will look at the signs God is working on your marriage and how you can know if he made this union for you or not.

Can God save my marriage?

It is important to note that God can save all marriages as an answer to our prayers that he will. But sometimes, signs of God’s work won’t be so clear cut and it may not appear He is working on your marriage at all. This can happen when a person does not have faith or trust in the Lord to save their union with another person.

Signs God is Working on Your Marriage.

I have listed some important signs that God is working on your marriage.

1. You feel more loved and appreciated

Loved Signs God Is Working On Your Marriage 1

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