This blog post will explore several Bible verses against polygamy and explain why the Christian faith does not condone this practice.

Whether you are a believer or not, this post will provide valuable insights into this complex topic.

Bible Verses Against Polygamy

While some argue that it is a valid and acceptable practice, others believe it goes against the teachings of the Bible.

Polygamy, or having multiple spouses, is a controversial topic that has been debated for centuries.

1 Timothy 3:12 -Leading His Family Rightly

Let the deacons be the husbands of one wife, ruling their children and their own houses well.

1 Timothy 3:12 (KJV)

1 Timothy 3_12

Many of these are copies of senior requirements, such as a solid reputation and proper management of their residences.

The concept was that a man had to be able to lead his own family properly to lead the broader “family” of a church congregation successfully.

1 Kings 11:3- Solomon Wives Problems

He had 700 wives, who were princesses, and 300 concubines. And his wives turned away his heart.

1 Kings 11:3 (ESV)

1 Kings 11_3

This proliferated them prodigiously, inflicting the most heinous scorn on religious prohibition.

David, too, had multiple women, though not to this extent; but the horrible example he had set in this regard had probably led Solomon to consider it, if not lawful, at least a lesser evil than it was

Deuteronomy 17:17- The Financial Implications

The king must not take many wives for himself, because they will turn his heart away from the LORD. And he must not accumulate large amounts of wealth in silver and gold for himself

Deuteronomy 17:17 (NLT)

Deuteronomy 17_17

God offered this warning not because He wants His rulers to be impoverished but because of the effect amassing money has on the common public.

When a king amasses a country’s wealth for himself, the citizens face severe financial oppression.

Genesis 2:24- The Right Marriage

Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.

Genesis 2:24 (ESV)

Genesis 2_24

This verse conveys important notions about how cultures should work. One of the highest virtues in ancient society was allegiance and honor to one’s parents.

On the other hand, the Bible clarifies that a man’s responsibility is to abandon his parents because he transfers his loyalty from them to his wife.

Providing for, living with, and caring for her must take precedence over providing for and caring for his parents.

1 Timothy 3:2- A Husband And A Wife

A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, temperate, sober-minded, of good behavior, hospitable, able to teach;

1 Timothy 3:2 (NKJV)

1 Timothy 3_2

The specifics that follow in this paragraph demonstrate how an elder would meet this criterion.

The same idea is stated in Titus’ list (Titus 1:6, 7) and (applied to Christ’s work in all believers).

It encompasses the concept of a difficult-to-attack character. Daniel, the Jewish prophet, is an excellent Old Testament example of this type of honesty.

Titus 1:6- A Faithful Husband

if a man is blameless, the husband of one wife, having faithful children not accused of dissipation or insubordination

Titus 1:6 (NKJV)

Titus 1_6

The requirement does not mention previous marriages or divorce, and the emphasis is on the individual’s current marital connection.

These remarks also show that Paul emphasized men with older children rather than men with small children. In other words, very young males are unlikely to be suitable selections for an elder.

Matthew 19:4-6- The Spiritual Implication

“Haven’t you read,” he replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female,’ and said, ‘For this reason a man wi, ll leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh’? So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”

Matthew 19:4-6 (NIV)

Matthew 19_4-6

In answer, Jesus quotes from Scripture, as He frequently does, rather than framing His response as an opinion or a discussion point.

He wonders if they have read in Genesis that the One who created humanity from the beginning fashioned them male and female.

He will finish the quote in the stanza that follows. In that circumstance, the disciples believe it is best not to marry.

That is not true, according to Jesus, because a life of celibacy is exclusively for select people, such as eunuchs of various kinds.

Bible Verses Against Polygamy

Polygamy, the practice of having multiple spouses, is controversial in many religions, including Christianity.

The Bible contains several verses that speak out against the practice of polygamy, and in this blog post, we will explore some of these passages.

We will discuss what the Bible says about polygamy and how it relates to the Christian faith.

This post is intended to provide a brief overview of the topic and to shed light on some of the key verses that address this issue.

Matthew 16:26

Jesus replied, “Moses permitted you to divorce your wives because your hearts were hard. But it was not this way from the beginning.

Matthew 16:26 (NIV)

Matthew 16_26

You can either preserve your earthly interests or save your soul. This is Jesus’ main point in this passage (Matthew 16:24-25) and this verse.

Jesus offers only two options to anyone who will listen to Him in the form of two questions.

According to Jesus, individuals who follow Him must freely give themselves in all ways.

They must be willing to deny their desired preferences, taking up their crosses in the same way He is doing and will soon do in a very literal sense.

Ephesians 5:33

However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband.

Ephesians 5:33 (NIV)

Ephesians 5_33

A God-honoring marriage is built on mutual love, respect, unity, and submission.

Husbands are instructed to love their spouses the same way Christ loved the church: with humility and sacrifice as if they were caring for their bodies.

Despite popular belief, the Bible forbids either sex from being abusive or unloving in a marriage.

Proverbs 18:22

The man who finds a wife finds a treasure, and he receives favor from the LORD.

Proverbs 18:22 (NLT)

Proverbs 18_22

This text refutes the argument that God regards a celibacy existence as “holier” than one that includes marriage.

The “favor” described here does not imply that God loves a married man more.

While obtaining “a wife” is desirable, Scripture warns that even pleasant things can become complicated when out of balance (1 Corinthians 6:12).

1 Kings 15:5

because David did what was right in the eyes of the LORD, and had not turned aside from anything that He commanded him all the days of his life, except in the matter of Uriah the Hittite.

1 Kings 15:5 (NKJV)

This and similar words are not to be interpreted as exclusive of all immoral actions but merely of a persistent and continuing apostasy, as the phrase “moving away from God” or “from his precepts” usually implies.

David’s wrongdoing was not limited to Uriah, and it is not our writer’s style to qualify his remarks in this way.

1 Samuel 18:27

David arose and went, along with his men, and killed two hundred of the Philistines. And David brought their foreskins, which were given in full number to the king, that he might become the king’s son-in-law. And Saul gave him his daughter Michal for a wife.

1 Samuel 18:27 (ESV)

David slaughtered two hundred Philistines—The amount was doubled, partly to show his regard and attachment to the princess and somewhat to compel Saul to fulfill his commitment.

But David was satisfied with Saul’s demand since he trusted Saul and adored Michal.

Even before the days were complete, that is, before the set time for the delivery of the dowry and the marriage.

Matthew 19:8

Jesus replied, “Moses permitted divorce only as a concession to your hard hearts, but it was not what God had originally intended.

Matthew 19:8 (NLT)

Marriage without divorce is God’s purpose, and he created humanity as male and female to unite in marriage.

Jesus has demonstrated that it is God’s wish that what He has joined not be separated.

After proving that God created marriage to be lifelong, Jesus emphasizes that divorce is illegal unless in cases of sexual immorality.

Exodus 2:21

Then Moses was content to live with the man, and he gave Zipporah his daughter to Moses.

Exodus 2:21 (NKJV)

After he was summoned and brought into the house, after some refreshment, after some conversation, and possibly after a few days’ stay in Reuel’s house, Reuel proposed to him to take up residence with him, and he accepted.

But it is unlikely that Reuel would give up his daughter so suddenly to a stranger, even if he had an instant admiration for him, nor would Moses marry a lady with whom he had only a passing acquaintance and little knowledge of her temperament, mental endowments, and religious beliefs.

Bible Verses Against Multiple Wives

The Bible, the holy book of Christianity, contains several passages that speak out against the practice of having multiple wives.

In the Old Testament, Deuteronomy 17:17 states that a king must not take multiple wives lest his heart is led astray.

These passages, among others, make it clear that the Bible advocates for monogamous relationships.

1 Kings 11:3

He had seven hundred wives, princesses, and three hundred concubines, and his wives turned his heart away [from God].

1 Kings 11:3 (AMP)

This proliferated them prodigiously, inflicting the most heinous scorn on religious prohibition.

David, too, had multiple women, though not to this extent. Still, the horrible example he had set in this regard had probably led Solomon to consider it, if not lawful, at least a lesser evil than it was.

Deuteronomy 17:17

Neither shall he multiply wives to himself, that his heart turn not turns: neither shall he greatly multiply to himself silver and gold.

Deuteronomy 17:17 (KJV)

As previous rulers had done, contrary to God’s intention. As Solomon’s God and his law.

Lest this instill confidence and pride in him, which God despises, and breed disdain for his people.

Solomon was infamous for doing so. His marriages to foreign princesses were political, yet they also brought pagan cults into Israel.

Deuteronomy 21:15

If a man have two wives, one beloved, and another hated, and they have born him children, both the beloved and the hated; and if the firstborn son be hers that was hated:

Deuteronomy 21:15 (KJV)

This legislation prohibits fathers from disinheriting their eldest sons without justification. In this scenario, the principle applies to children; parents must offer children their rights without discrimination.

Which is supposed, but not approved of, despite being permitted due to the hardness of men’s hearts; for it was not thus from the beginning when only one man and one woman were formed and married.

Matthew 25:1

“Then the kingdom of heaven shall be likened to ten virgins who took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom.

Matthew 25:1 (NKJV)

He begins another tale to explain this idea, utilizing a familiar situation from the Israelites’ daily lives during this period.

He employs the metaphor of an expecting bridegroom in this. Five of the young women made the mistake of not bringing enough oil for their lights.

When the groom arrives, they rush to obtain additional oil, but they are not admitted to the feast because they are late.

Jesus warns His people to be ready for His return.

Matthew 6:33

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

Matthew 6:33 (NIV)

“These things” are the necessities of life: food and clothing. Jesus has commanded His followers not to be constantly concerned about life’s difficulties.

He wants us to have faith in the heavenly Father to provide for His children because He loves them so much.

However, the context of what we “need” is God’s will—which may look very different from what we would like.

1 Chronicle 14:3

And David took more wives in Jerusalem, and David fathered more sons and daughters.

1 Chronicle 14:3 (ESV)

This would have a two-fold effect on the king: first, it would remind him of his reliance on God, and second, it would reinforce his faith by providing evidence of God’s presence and activity.

In addition to what was previously stated, we should emphasize that such things are the shades in the brightest image of our nature. And if David has other wives, they will cause difficulty.

Genesis 29:28

And Laban gave to Rachel his daughter Bilhah his handmaid to be her maid.

Genesis 29:28 (KJV)

In what appeared to be a stroke of luck, at least for Jacob, he met Rachel, Laban’s younger daughter, and fell in love with her so deeply that he was willing to work seven years for the chance to marry her.

However, Laban switches Rachel for her older sister Leah on the wedding night.

Jacob agrees to marry Rachel the following week but must work for another seven years.


In conclusion, the Bible speaks out against polygamy, with various verses stating that monogamy is the only acceptable form of marriage.

For example, in the book of Genesis, God created Adam and Eve as a monogamous pair, and in Matthew 19:5, Jesus reaffirms that marriage is meant to be between one man and one woman.

Additionally, polygamy is associated with negative consequences such as jealousy and conflict, as seen in the story of King Solomon and his many wives.

Overall, the Bible favors monogamy as the only acceptable form of marriage.

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