21 Awesome Prayer Points Before Going To Bed

Prayer Points Before Going To Bed

Prayer is a powerful tool in every Christian’s arsenal, especially when it comes to preparing for restful sleep. This article will guide you through 21 prayer points to consider before going to bed.

The Significance of Night Prayers

Nighttime is not just for sleep; it’s also a crucial period for spiritual warfare. Praying before bed can shield you from negative energies and provide a peaceful night’s sleep.

Biblical Verses Supporting Night Prayers

The Bible is filled with verses that support the practice of night prayers. Verses like Psalm 4:8 and Proverbs 3:24 emphasize the importance of seeking divine protection and wisdom before sleep.

Prayer Points Before Going to Bed

Sleep is not just a biological necessity; it’s a spiritual opportunity. It’s a pause, a quiet moment, for our souls to seek serenity and for our minds to seek wisdom.

As the night wraps its peaceful arms around the world, let’s prepare to close our eyes with heartfelt prayers that touch the essence of our lives and the lives of those we hold dear.

Feel free to incorporate these prayer points into your nightly routine and experience the transformative power of prayer.

Prayer Point 1: Divine Protection

“Lord, as I lay down to sleep, I pray for your divine protection over me and my family. Keep us safe from all harm and evil. Amen.”

Divine Protection

Prayer Point 2: Peaceful Sleep

“Father, I ask for a peaceful night’s sleep. Calm my mind and soothe my soul, so I may rest without disturbances. Amen.”

Peaceful Sleep

Prayer Point 3: Warding Off Evil

“Lord, I rebuke all forms of evil and negative energies that may try to disrupt my sleep. Surround me with your light. Amen.”

Warding Off Evil

Prayer Point 4: Blessings for the Next Day

“God, as I close my eyes, I pray for your blessings and guidance for the day ahead. May it be fruitful and fulfilling. Amen.”

Blessings For The Next Day

Prayer Point 5: Gratitude

“Thank you, Lord, for the blessings of this day. As I rest, I reflect on your goodness and mercy. Amen.”



Prayer Point 6: Seeking Divine Wisdom

O Sovereign of the stars, as the dusk turns to darkness, I seek Your divine guidance. In the quiet of the night, whisper Your wisdom into my heart.

As I stand on the cusp of a new day, let my choices reflect Your will, my actions mirror Your love, and my thoughts be aligned with Your eternal wisdom. In Your boundless knowledge, guide me, so that my tomorrow is better than today.

In Your holy name, Amen.

Prayer Point 7: Family and Loved Ones’ Sanctuary

Almighty Protector, my family and loved ones are the greatest treasures You have bestowed upon me.

I place them under Your mighty wing as they drift into slumber. Watch over their resting bodies, shield their dreaming minds, and let their spirits be cradled in Your care. May they wake to a dawn of Your grace and a day filled with Your blessings.

In Your loving embrace, Amen.

Prayer Point 8: The Healing Touch of the Divine

Healer of all wounds, in the stillness of this night, I call upon Your restorative power. Touch me with Your healing hands, and mend what has been broken within me.

May my body find strength, my mind find peace, and my soul find comfort in Your nurturing presence. As I lay my head to rest, let Your rejuvenation flow through me.

In Your compassionate mercy, Amen.

Prayer Point 9: Surrendering Stress into Divine Hands

Giver of peace, the day has been long, and its burdens heavy. I release each worry and stress into Your infinite care.

Wash away my anxieties with the calm of Your peace. As I close my eyes, let Your tranquility envelop my being, and Your love dissolve my fears. May I awaken with a heart unburdened and a mind at ease.

In Your serene presence, Amen.

Prayer Point 10: Cultivating Spiritual Growth

Faithful Gardener of our souls, in the silence of the night, nurture my spirit. As my body rests, let my soul rise to meet You.

Use these quiet hours to deepen my faith, broaden my understanding, and strengthen my devotion. May I emerge from this nocturnal cocoon transformed and renewed, ever closer to Your divine essence.

In Your gracious growth, Amen.

Invoking Divine Insight and Prosperity

As nightfall signals the end of daily labors, our thoughts often turn to the deeper longings of our hearts.

It’s a sacred time to commune with the Divine, seeking guidance and blessings for the aspects of life that weigh heavily on our souls.

Here, we continue our nightly prayer journey, seeking the Almighty’s intercession for dreams, prosperity, love, purpose, and overcoming life’s hurdles.

Prayer Point 11: Divine Whispers in Dreams

Eternal Dreamweaver, in the quiet tapestry of the night, I invite You to speak to me. If there are messages You wish to impart, let my dreams be the canvas for Your words.

Guide my subconscious gently, painting clear visions and insights that I may understand and remember upon waking. In Your revelatory grace, Amen.

Prayer Point 12: Blessings of Financial Stability

Provider of all, I kneel before You in humble recognition of Your power over all resources. As I lay to rest, I pray for Your hand to be upon my finances.

Bless the work of my hands, increase my resources, and grant me the wisdom to manage them in a manner that honors You. In Your abundance, Amen.

Prayer Point 13: Harmony in Love and Relationships

Lord of Love, You are the author of connection and the source of all affection. I lift my relationships to You — let them be havens of love, understanding, and mutual respect.

Bless each bond, that they may reflect Your unconditional love and thrive in the soil of Your grace. In Your unifying love, Amen.

Prayer Point 14: Career and Purpose Alignment

Master of all destinies, as I ponder my path in the stillness of night, I seek Your guidance in my career and life’s calling.

Unlock the gates of opportunity and grant me the boldness to stride through them. Align my vocation with my purpose, and let my daily work be a testament to Your plan for me. In Your empowering presence, Amen.

Prayer Point 15: Triumph Over Trials

Mighty Fortress, life’s challenges loom like mountains, yet I know Your strength can move them. Grant me the perseverance to overcome, the wisdom to navigate hardships, and the fortitude to face each day with courage. Let no obstacle deter my path, for with You as my guide, I shall not falter. In Your victorious might, Amen.

Inner Peace and Celebrating Breakthroughs

As the night deepens and we find ourselves in the embrace of tranquility, it’s a profound moment to seek the equilibrium of our hearts and the victory over our struggles.

In this continuation of our nightly communion, we present our desires for emotional balance, breakthroughs, divine connections, discernment, and preemptive thanksgiving for the blessings of the morrow.

Prayer Point 16: Serenity of Heart

Graceful Balancer of our souls, I reach out to You in the silence of the night, seeking the equilibrium of my emotions. Lift the veil of anxiety, dissolve the shadow of depression, and infuse my spirit with Your joy and contentment. May my heart find the peaceful rhythm of Your calming presence. In Your soothing embrace, Amen.

Prayer Point 17: The Dawn of Breakthroughs

Maker of Miracles, I stand on the threshold of sleep, yearning for progress in areas where I’ve felt anchored. I pray for the winds of change to blow, ushering in a wave of breakthroughs in my life. Let the doors that have been closed swing open, and Your will manifest in my journey. In Your transformative power, Amen.

Prayer Point 18: Fostering Divine Connections

Creator of Alliances, guide me to cross paths with souls that will enrich my journey. I pray for connections that are rooted in Your divine purpose, individuals who will inspire, challenge, and elevate me in my walk with You. Foster these relationships, that they may bear fruit for Your glory. In Your wise matchmaking, Amen.

Prayer Point 19: The Gift of Discernment

Omniscient Judge, as I rest my head tonight, I seek the precious gift of discernment. Equip me with the insight to distinguish between light and darkness, truth and falsehood, authenticity and deception. May my decisions be guided by Your wisdom and my path lit by Your truth. In Your clarifying light, Amen.

Prayer Point 20: Anticipatory Thanksgiving

Faithful Promiser, even before the sun rises on a new day, I offer a song of thanksgiving. For the successes and joys of tomorrow, I praise You in advance. I step into the promise of the future with gratitude in my heart and Your name on my lips. In confident expectation, Amen.

Prayer Point 21: Embracing Gratitude

Divine Benevolence, as I conclude my prayers, my heart swells with gratitude. For every breath, for the strength that carried me through the day, for the hope that ushers me into the night, I thank You.

For the unseen battles You’ve fought on my behalf, for the moments of joy amidst trials, and for Your unwavering presence, I am eternally grateful.

Thank you for the sacred space of prayer, for the assurance that my words rise to You like incense. As I rest in Your love and protection, my soul whispers its thanksgiving. Amen.


FAQ 1: Is it necessary to pray before bedtime?

While not mandatory, it’s highly beneficial for both spiritual and mental well-being.

FAQ 2: Can I modify these prayer points to suit my needs?

Absolutely, feel free to adapt these prayers to better align with your personal beliefs and concerns.

FAQ 3: What if I forget to pray one night?

Missing one night is not detrimental, but strive to make it a consistent practice.


Praying before bed is more than a ritual; it’s a powerful practice that can significantly impact your life. Start tonight and experience the difference.

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