19 Leading Intercession Prayers

Leading Intercession Prayers

In the realm of Christian faith, intercession prayers hold profound significance. These prayers bridge the gap between the earthly and the divine, allowing believers to stand in the gap for others.

Intercession is a powerful form of supplication, where one person earnestly prays on behalf of another.

As we embark on this spiritual journey, we will explore 19 leading intercession prayers, each designed to address specific needs and concerns.

Leading Intercession Prayers

As we gather in humility and hope, we raise our hearts and voices in intercession, seeking the divine touch upon our world, our Church, our spiritual lives, and the many souls in need of deliverance. Let us pray earnestly, with faith and fervor.

1. Intercession for Healing

Lord, we come before you, lifting up those who are afflicted with illness and suffering. We ask for your divine touch and healing power to flow through them. In the name of Jesus, we declare restoration and health.

Intercession For Healing

In times of sickness, intercession opens a channel for God’s healing grace to manifest.

2. Intercession for Financial Blessings

Heavenly Father, we intercede on behalf of those facing financial struggles. We trust in your abundance and pray for open doors and financial breakthroughs according to your will.

Intercession For Financial Blessings

Financial intercession seeks God’s provision and guidance in times of economic challenges.

3. Intercession for Families

Lord, we bring families before you, asking for harmony and unity. May your love bind them together, and may they find strength in you.

Intercession For Families

Intercession for families aims to strengthen the bonds between loved ones through God’s grace.

4. Intercession for Guidance

Divine Counselor, we seek your guidance for those making life-altering decisions. Illuminate their path and grant them wisdom and discernment.

Intercession For Guidance

Intercession for guidance seeks God’s direction in navigating life’s important choices.

5. Intercession for Salvation

God of grace, we intercede for the lost souls. Open their hearts to your love and lead them to salvation through Jesus Christ.

Intercession For Salvation

Intercession for salvation is a plea for the redemption of those who have not yet found Christ.


6. Intercession for Peace

O Prince of Peace, our world is fractured by strife and soaked in the sorrow of conflict.

We come before You to intercede for an end to the ceaseless wars and bitter disputes that plague our lands.

May Your peace, which surpasses all understanding, reign supreme in the hearts of leaders and citizens alike.

We pray for reconciliation where there is division, harmony where there is discord, and understanding where there is mistrust.

Let Your love guide us, and Your wisdom prevail, as we seek to build a world where peace is the foundation of our coexistence. Amen.


The intercession for peace is a heartfelt plea for God’s intervention in the seemingly insurmountable conflicts that beset our world. It is an acknowledgment that true peace can only come from the Divine and a prayer for that peace to manifest globally and intimately within individual hearts.

7. Intercession for the Church

Heavenly Father, Your Church is the body of Christ on earth, and today we intercede for this holy institution.

We pray for growth, not just in numbers but in depth of faith and breadth of love. Grant unity among the believers, that we may stand together as a testament to Your grace.

Empower Your Church to shine brightly in the darkness, to be a beacon of hope and a sanctuary of peace.

Strengthen its leaders, inspire its followers, and extend its reach so that more may come to know Your love. Amen.


Intercession for the Church is a call to God to infuse the body of Christ with vitality and purpose. It recognizes the Church’s role as a transformative force in the world and seeks divine assistance in fulfilling that role.

8. Intercession for Spiritual Growth

Lord of all, we lift up Your children, seeking spiritual growth for each believing heart. Fill them to overflowing with Your Holy Spirit, that they may walk in step with Your will.

Cultivate the fruits of the Spirit within them: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

Draw them closer to You, deepen their understanding, and fortify their faith, so they might stand firm against the trials of this world. In their growth, may they glorify You and be a blessing to others. Amen.


This intercession for spiritual growth addresses the continual need for personal development in faith. It is a prayer for believers to be ever-growing, deepening their relationship with God, and becoming more Christ-like in their daily lives.

9. Intercession for Deliverance

Mighty Deliverer, we stand in the gap for those ensnared by the chains of addiction and oppression.

Reach down with Your hand of power and break these bonds, O Lord. Provide a path to freedom for those who feel trapped, and shine Your light of hope into their lives.

We pray for breakthroughs, for strongholds to be dismantled, and for Your liberating love to restore those who are struggling. May they find peace in Your presence and strength in Your name. Amen.


Intercession for deliverance is a prayer battle against the forces that bind and restrict individuals from living a full and free life in Christ. It is a passionate plea for God’s intervention and a declaration of His power over all forms of bondage.

10. Intercession for the Nations

O Sovereign Lord, You sit enthroned above the nations, and to You, we bring our plea for every country, tribe, and tongue.

We intercede for justice to replace injustice, for leaders to act with integrity, and for communities to embrace Your statutes.

May Your wisdom guide the decisions of those in authority, and Your compassion touch the lives of all citizens.

Let Your righteousness and peace permeate every policy and practice, and may the nations of the world reflect the order and beauty of Your kingdom. Amen.


Intercession for the nations is a prayer of grand scope, encompassing the whole earth in a request for divine guidance. It is a recognition of God’s ultimate authority over all earthly powers and a request for His just and loving rule to be evident in every aspect of global governance.

Intercession Prayers For Wisdom and Revival

As we come before the throne of grace, let us intercede with fervency for the manifold needs of our world and the body of Christ. Each prayer point reflects a deep yearning for divine intervention and transformation.

11. Intercession for Wisdom

O God of all wisdom, from whom all good and perfect gifts flow, we seek Your guidance for the leaders and decision-makers of our times.

Bestow upon them the wisdom of Solomon, that they may govern with righteousness and discernment.

May their judgments be infused with Your insight, and their actions aligned with the principles of Your kingdom.

In every decision, large or small, may they reflect Your justice and love, leading with integrity and humility. Amen.


Intercession for wisdom is an appeal to God to grant leaders at all levels — from local authorities to global figures — the insight and discernment necessary to lead effectively and justly. It acknowledges the divine source of true wisdom and its crucial role in governance.

12. Intercession for Unity

Lord of all, You have called us to be one as You are One. We intercede for the unity of Your Church, that all believers might be united in spirit and purpose.

Tear down walls of division, and knit our hearts together with the strong cord of Your love. May our unity be a testimony to the world of Your grace and power.

Help us to value each other, bear one another’s burdens, and reflect the perfect unity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.


Intercession for unity is a heartfelt plea for the bond of peace within the Christian community, reflecting the unity of God Himself. It is a call to lay aside differences and to embrace the love that binds believers together.

13. Intercession for Comfort

Compassionate Father, who collects our tears and comforts the sorrowful, we lift up those who are walking through valleys of grief.

May Your presence envelop them like a warm blanket, and may they find refuge in the shadow of Your wings. Bring solace to their aching hearts, and shine the light of Your hope into their darkened circumstances.

You are the God of all comfort; let Your lovingkindness be their sustaining strength. Amen.


Intercession for comfort is an invocation of God’s nearness and compassion for those who are grieving. It acknowledges the deep pain of loss and seeks the gentle consoling presence of God in the midst of such pain.

14. Intercession for Renewal

Breath of Life, we stand in the need of renewal, both personal and communal. We pray for a fresh outpouring of Your Spirit to revitalize weary souls.

Rekindle the embers of faith within us, and renew our minds so that we may discern Your good, pleasing, and perfect will.

May we be transformed by Your presence, growing in grace and walking in the fullness of Your ways. Create in us clean hearts, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within us. Amen.


Intercession for renewal is a prayer for a resurgence of spiritual vitality. It is a call for a reawakening to the things of God and a revitalized commitment to the Christian walk.

15. Intercession for Revival

God of revival, we cry out for a new awakening within Your Church. Ignite within us a holy passion to share the good news of Your love with fervor.

May signs of Your presence be evident as hearts return to You, and may Your Spirit move powerfully, breaking the chains of complacency.

Stir us from spiritual slumber, and set our hearts ablaze with zeal for Your kingdom. May Your Church rise up with renewed conviction, to be the salt and light in a world that desperately needs You. Amen.


Intercession for revival seeks a profound and widespread reinvigoration of faith among Christians. It is a call for God to breathe life into the Church, sparking a movement of spiritual awakening and passion for the Gospel.

Intercession Prayers For Protection

In the sanctuary of prayer, we come together to intercede for divine protection, inner healing, a heart of gratitude, and the renewal of hope. These prayers are offered up as a fragrant incense, ascending to the throne of grace.

16. Intercession for Protection

Divine Protector, in Your name we seek a fortress for our loved ones. Spread Your wings over them, creating a barrier between them and the perils of this world.

Guard their steps, secure their paths, and watch over them, whether they are near or far. In every journey and in every trial, be their constant shield, their unyielding defender, and their sanctuary from harm.

With faith, we entrust them to Your care, for in Your hands is the safest place to be. Amen.


Intercession for protection is a heartfelt request for God’s defensive and preserving care. It is a recognition of God’s power to safeguard individuals and families from the seen and unseen dangers of life.

17. Intercession for Inner Healing

Healing Lord, we lift up those burdened with the scars of past hurts and traumas. We seek Your tender touch upon their hearts, minds, and spirits.

Reach into the depths of their being and mend the brokenness within. Restore them, O God, that they may feel joy again.

Replace the pain of memories with the peace of Your presence, and lead them into wholeness and serenity.

With Your gentle hand, heal the wounds unseen and deliver them from the shadows of anguish. Amen.


Intercession for inner healing is an invocation of God’s healing presence on those who suffer emotionally and psychologically. It is a prayer for the restoration of joy and peace that comes from the deep, restorative work of God in a person’s life.

18. Intercession for Gratitude

Father of Mercies, our hearts swell with gratitude for the manifold blessings You bestow upon us. In intercession, we give thanks for Your unwavering faithfulness and the abundance of Your grace.

Teach us to recognize Your hand in the smallest of gifts and the grandest of gestures. Cultivate within us a spirit of thankfulness that radiates in our lives, influencing our actions and attitudes.

May we live as testimonies of Your generosity, always eager to express our heartfelt appreciation. Amen.


Intercession for gratitude is more than mere acknowledgment of blessings; it is an active expression of thanks, a prayerful articulation of appreciation for God’s endless grace and kindness.

19. Intercession for Hope

God of everlasting hope, we present before You those who stand in the shadow of despair. Illuminate their hearts with the light of Your hope.

Remind them of Your promises, which are yes and amen. Rekindle the flame of hope within their spirits, so that they may grasp the future You have planned for them—a future filled with promise and purpose.

In Your love, lift them from the pit of despondency, and set their feet upon the rock of Your salvation. Amen.


Intercession for hope is a fervent plea for God to renew the spirit of hope in those who feel defeated and lost. It is a prayer to reignite the assurance in God’s steadfast love and the expectation of His good works in one’s life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the significance of intercession in Christian prayer?

Intercession is a vital aspect of Christian prayer that involves praying on behalf of others. It reflects the love and compassion Christians have for one another and seeks divine intervention in various aspects of life.

2. Are there specific times or conditions for effective intercession?

While intercession can be practiced at any time, many believers find strength in setting aside dedicated times for intercessory prayer, such as during church services or in small prayer groups. The condition for effective intercession is a sincere and compassionate heart.

3. How can I enhance my intercessory prayer life?

To enhance your intercessory prayer life, cultivate a deep relationship with God through regular personal prayer and studying the Scriptures. Also, practice empathy and actively listen to the needs of others.


Intercession prayers are a powerful way for Christians to connect with God and advocate for the needs of others.

These 19 leading intercession prayers cover a wide range of concerns, from healing and guidance to unity and hope.

As you incorporate intercession into your prayer life, remember that it is a reflection of Christ’s love and compassion for the world.

May your intercession be a source of blessings and transformation for those you pray for and a means of drawing closer to God.

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