Modesty is an important virtue taught in The Bible. Modesty is a gift from God that helps us to abhor all things unseemly and impure, be chaste in thought and behavior, and avoid crudeness and obscenity both in appearance, dressing, and behavior.

Modesty is often looked down upon in today’s society. Modesty is the act of not revealing too much skin or dressing in an unseemly way. Modesty goes against what people want to see every day on social media and television. Modesty has been a common theme throughout history, especially within religion.

Biblical modesty entails that women should dress modestly because they are daughters of Eve who tempted Adam with her beauty and was responsible for original sin entering into the world (Genesis 3:1-6). Modothes establish dignity by covering up one’s body so as not to tempt others to sin (I Timothy 2:9-10)

Modesty can help you to please God with your body as well as your soul. In this post we will explore modesty according to scripture, how it relates to the world today, what clothing modest people wear (and don’t wear) – everything from skirts to swimwear – as well as what modesty means for our relationships with other people.

Modesty in the Bible Meaning

In the Bible, Modesty is a spiritual gift that abhors everything unseemly and impure. Modesty in clothing, dressing, and behavior is chaste in thought and behavior, devoid of crudeness or obscenity. Modesty in appearance, dressing, and behavior is a requirement for all Christians to uphold. In this post, we’ll be discussing modesty from an entirely Biblical perspective.

What did Jesus say about Modesty?

Jesus explains Modesty in Matthew 15:17-20, telling his followers not to do their ‘acts of righteousness before men for others to see because then they will have no reward from the Father in heaven. He also said that when we are judged on what is done in secret, God knows how to repay us openly (Matthew 16).

What does the Bible say about modesty?

The book of Isaiah speaks about Modesty in Chapter 20 verse 16, saying that He will guide our feet into the path of peace and watch over us. It then goes on to say that God’s ways are perfect (Psalm 18:30). The Old Testament also has quite a few verses that relate to this topic- for example, Proverbs 31:26 shows how Modesty is praised when compared with gold or jewels.

Modesty in appearance, dressing, and behavior is a requirement for all Christians to uphold.

What are some ways you can show Modesty?

According to the Bible, The ways of showing modesty are many. Modesty is not something that can be defined by a list of rules or regulations, but rather, it’s knowing the difference between right and wrong; choosing to do what is right instead of wrong; even if no one else sees you doing so.

Here are some ways to show modesty:-

Showing modesty in the way you dress.

When showing modesty in the way you dress, it is important to be able to differentiate between Modesty and poverty. Modesty dictates that we should not flaunt our wealth through revealing clothing; rather we should show love and compassion towards those who are less fortunate than us by dressing in a manner that does not attract attention or cause feelings of insecurity within others.

Keep your thoughts modest and not think about inappropriate things.

When your thoughts are modest,  you are not thinking about inappropriate things,  nor do you allow your mind to dwell on past experiences or possible future events. Modesty in thought prevents you from indulging in fantasies and daydreams which can lead to temptation, lustfulness, and sexual immorality.

Not being too loud or rude to others

You can show modesty by not being too loud or rude to others. Modesty is being considerate of others and not expressing yourself in a way that might embarrass or offend them.

Modest people are self-controlled, respectful, and non-confrontational with other people

A modest person would be someone who shows respect for themselves as well as others by avoiding the use of profanity in speech.

Be humble and not brag about yourself or what you have done.

Bragging about yourself or achievements is certainly not a way of being modest according to the Bible.

Modesty is about not drawing attention to yourself and focusing on others instead of yourself; someone who thinks less highly of themselves than they ought shows respect for themselves as well as others by avoiding the use of profanity in speech.

By Showing Respect to Others.

Saying “please” and “thank you” instead of demanding something from someone else.

Wear clothes that are appropriate for the occasion.

When choosing what to wear for an occasion as a Christian, dress modestly not in a way that attracts attention to yourself.

First and foremost, Modesty is about how you behave towards God!

Modesty isn’t just about clothing or appearance; it’s also behavior. Modesty has nothing to do with your clothes but instead the way you behave towards others. It does not mean dressing like a nun, covering yourself from head to toe. Modesty is simply about not being vulgar or crude in your behavior and appearance, so as not to attract attention by wearing overly revealing clothes

How do I apply Modesty when it comes to my clothes?

After reading the ways to show Modesty, Then the question of how to apply modesty when it comes to dressing. See these helpful ways listed below.

Modest clothing will also help you avoid sexual perversion.

Your body was meant for the Lord’s purposes only! Modesty means avoiding extremes, having a modest appearance, and dressing in a way that will not cause others to lust after you. Modesty is also about how we behave towards one another

Modest means avoiding extremes.

Modesty has nothing to do with your clothes but instead the way you behave towards others. It does not mean dressing like a nun or covering yourself from head to toe but instead dressing with a modest appearance and decency.

Cover your shoulders and chest with a shawl or cardigan.

Covering shoulders and chest can be done with a shawl or cardigan. Wear clothes that fit well and aren’t too tight, especially around your chest.

Keep your knees and thighs covered when sitting down.

Sitting with your knees and thighs covered can be done when wearing clothes that fit well and aren’t too tight

Why does it matter what we wear?

What we wear is a reflection of who we are, what we believe in, and how much value we place on ourselves. Modesty is a very important part of the Christian faith because it demonstrates that you have self-respect for yourself and respect others around you as well.

What to wear if I want to be modest?

A good guideline when considering modesty in clothing is “would I feel comfortable with my appearance if I were going into the presence of God?”. If not, then perhaps your clothes need changing! Modesty does not mean dressing like a nun or wearing burlap sackcloth – but rather being aware of what you’re wearing and why you’re wearing it.

Modest Clothing for Females.

The kind of clothing doesn’t matter as long as it is modest. Modesty in the Bible has to do with your character, not necessarily.

Modest clothing for females includes shirt styles that cover shoulders and chest, low necklines, skirts at knee-length or longer (not mini-skirts), dresses that can be worn by women of any age, and shorts that are at least knee-length. Clothing should not be revealing or provocative. Modesty does not have to do with the kind of clothing you wear but how it is worn.

Wear clothes that fit well and aren’t too tight, especially around your chest

Modest Clothing for Males.

For males, The clothing should not be too tight or revealing. Baggy pants are ideal for people who want to avoid wearing skin-tight clothing because it shows everything underneath the clothes, especially if you have a fuller figure.

Remember that male modesty in the Bible is reflected in the basic principles of decency and propriety which have been around since the time of Christ. Modesty is to dress modestly, speak with moderation, behave responsibly at all times.

Why do Christians care about modesty?

Christians care about modesty because modesty is a reflection of one’s inner character and it reflects the fact that you are aware of what God wants to see in your life.

Christians Modesty is not a fashion trend that will fade away, it’s about living by Godly principles of Modesty for the rest of your life.

Modest people are peaceful people and they have more self-control over their emotions because modesty doesn’t have anything to do with what you wear but how you conduct yourself in your daily life.

Know about modesty but don’t be obsessed with it.

There is a need not to be obsessed with modesty but to be obsessed with being a woman of God because Modesty is just one aspect or trait that should reflect your inner character.

Modest people have more control over their emotions and they are at peace all the time which goes against what immodest clothing stands for.

It reflects how you conduct yourself in daily life, not about wearing certain clothes! Modesty isn’t something that will fade away but something that means living by godly principles – always! It’s about having self-control and knowing who you are as a person. Modesty has nothing to do with fashion trends; it comes from within, not from what you wear. We need to know modesty but we don’t need to obsess about it.


I hope this guide has shown you that modesty is a complex issue and there are many ways to interpret it. This post should help you find some guidance in your quest for understanding what modesty means to you, but if not, please feel free to ask questions or leave me a comment below!

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